The Big Thaw

Well, back to normal this week. The snow still took quite a few days to go though, there was still some on the fields along the A14 on Tuesday and Wednesday.

This week hasn’t had much to report. Work has been fine and managed to get a few projects in the bag and learning a bit more.

The boys have had a good week at school. Ben learned about cavemen times (and oh didn’t we smell it! Bonfire).

More people are coming to Kristina’s Insanity class at the school. Word is spreading.

Now we are looking at going to the Gym’s in town to see if we can run a class from there. 2 gyms are nearby.

Looking forward to the coming week, I finally get to actually meet my boss. A few more projects will be completed such as the VPN in Chicago.

Exciting times.

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A little about me. Born and raised in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. I am an aviation and astronomy enthusiast. Working towards, when funds allow, private pilots license.

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