Snow week

Time to update the blog, I really should get in to a routine of doing this.

This week the UK was hit by not one but two weather fronts bringing snow. The beast from east was first to hit and it would appear that Suffolk was worse off than Cambridgeshire.

The boys were off school from Wednesday due to closure of the school as staff were unable to get in.

It was really nice though to get some proper snow this year. Samuel has been waiting 5 years to use the sledge that he has seen in the shed properly.

The previous week to this though, we had to say a sad goodbye to a loving friend and companion. Bentley was mum and dad’s 5 year old black lab. He had grown up with Samuel from a pup and was his best friend. When he was 3 he was diagnosed with a chronic kidney disorder. This resulted ultimately in his kidneys failing, he became anaemic and in the last month or so, very tired and not having any energy for walks. His bones also went through calcification and resulted in lumps in his mouth and on his head. He really wasn’t in a good way and to keep him going would only have been to his detriment to quality of life.

From the pictures below. First one is Bentley the day before we said goodbye. The 3rd one is from September 2017. 6 months ago. The change was dramatic. The pictures with Sammy are just to show the closeness they shared. Benjamin also played and loved Bentley and there are pictures of them.



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